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Words from the Pastor “Trusting God in the Storm”

First Family News – 2020 Oct
Trusting God in the Storm

Like a relentless storm, the novel coronavirus continues to cloud our everyday life. After seven months of hunkering down, we are now seeing some of the deeper and more long-term effects of this pandemic. One of them being: elevated levels of anxiety and depression.

With no immediate end in sight, while being cut off from loved ones and friends, and the continuous clamoring of chaos and conflict in the news and social media, we can understand why this pandemic is affecting our mental and emotional state.

How have you been responding to the months of uncertainty and disruption? Do you bury your head in the sand and hope that this storm will pass? Or do you dig your heels in and try to take control of what you can?

There must be better way to weather this storm. Borrowing from Margaret Wheatley, we need islands of sanity to make it through in one piece, mind, body and spirit. Here’s what Dr. Wheatley shared in an interview with Psychology Today (August 20, 2020):

Fear of the uncertainty that we face, when perceived as a threat, can cause us to retreat from one another, from values that held us together, from ideas and practices that encouraged inclusion, from faith in leaders, from belief in basic human goodness…But whatever the problem, community is the answer.

I believe that community is the answer – huddling together as God’s beloved community. Trusting in God is the better way forward, for “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

How do we trust in God when the problems we face are real and relentless? For the month of October, we will journey through a new message series titled Trusting God in the Storm. We will step foot into some of the storms in scripture – actual storms and parables about storms. Some are as fierce as a devastating hurricane; others a mere fable, but foundational to build your life on.

If you’ve been feeling anxious or filled with sorrow, let us look to God’s word to find firm footing, encouragement and renewal of purpose. In this relentless storm, let us navigate a better way forward by trusting God together. 


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