Deborah Spang, Director & Coordinator of Church Weddings

Deborah has been wedding director number one for over 20 years at Burbank First United Methodist Church. She works with co-director Ann Gardner.  Their combined years of experience and natural talent ensure your wedding will be flawless. From assisting family, guests, florist, photographer, bridal party, bride and groom they make sure this will be a special day for everyone.





Ann O’Donnell-Gardner, Co-Wedding Director  

Ann has been a wedding director at Burbank First for over 20 years. She is a professional actress and singer with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Central Michigan University. Ann is also known as a designer (costumes and sets) for Burbank High’s theatre, as well as other local projects. She has been a professional singer since the age of 15 when she was hired by her church to be their regular soloist for weddings and funerals. Ann is a member of the Chancel choir at Burbank First United Methodist Church, an occasional soloist, and was a cantor for over 20 years at St. Robert Bellermine Catholic Church in Burbank. Ann uses her knowledge of theatre and music to make your wedding day, photos, and video as beautiful as they can possibly be.