We want to make your wedding a meaningful and memorable event.  Our many years of experience can lend valuable help in planning your ceremony.  This is your day and we want the ceremony to be significant to you. Therefore, we are willing to arrange a ceremony that fits your taste in music and style.  The wedding director and minister will work with you in planning your perfect wedding.







You are invited to use the photographer of your choice and it is your responsibility to inform him/her that no flash pictures are allowed during the ceremony. Please note that photographers are not allowed in the chancel area (the area where the bride and groom stand) during the ceremony. Any wedding setting can be re-enacted following the ceremony.  Please feel free to discuss this with the wedding director when booking your wedding.


You may use the florist of your choice.  The wedding director can give you helpful suggestions on the size and placement of flowers that look attractive.


The organist plays a beautiful selection of music (found here), including the traditional “Wedding March” and recessional.  However, if you have specific music or requests in mind, please call or email the wedding director.


You are welcome to bring your own soloist or the wedding director would be happy to refer you to a number of talented soloists. (Fees vary, and are not part of our wedding package.)

Aisle Treatment

The church has an aisle treatment that consists of 14 brass aisle candle holders and yards of tulle that drape from pew to pew.  There are a variety of decorations to choose from that hang from the candelabras.

This can be rented by making arrangements with the wedding director.

(This does not include an aisle runner, which you would get from your florist.)

Candelabra and Tulle Aisle Treatment:                                 $400.00


Wedding Forms

To download the forms you need to fill out to make your special day perfect, please click here.