After an uplifting, in-person and online Easter Sunday experience, with an Easter egg hunt and butterfly release, now what?
Join us this Sunday as we begin a new message series called "Making a Living - while trying to make life work". We'll be exploring issues related to school, work and retirement in a post-pandemic world.

If you plan on joining us in person, be sure to register on our website at burbankfirstumc.org. If you have any questions or comments, please email or call: info@bfumc.net, 818-845-1531 x105.

Thank you & blessings,
Pastor Sam

In-Person Worship Now Open!

How to Register for In-Person Worship:

In order to attend in person, you will need to Register you and any other members of your party.

Online Worship

Yes we are reopening, but we will still be LIVE Online!
Here’s how to join our 9:30 AM Sunday worship through Facebook Live:

1. Log into your Facebook account
2. Head over to our church’s Facebook Page: facebook.com/burbankfirstumc
3. Keep your eye open for the “LIVE” symbol: Facebook should notify our followers when we are live.

Not to worry:
 If people miss the live broadcast, the video will remain on our page so people can view it anytime. (Be sure to “Like” or “Follow” our Facebook page to receive future updates and notifications about BFUMC, and also get notified when we are going “live”).

Make sure to follow or subscribe to @BurbankFirstUMC on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to receive future updates about our church, see what our community is up to, and also get notified on Sunday mornings when we are starting our live broadcast!

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